In two minds

(And posted on two blogs. This one and International Heat.)

Okay, here’s where things get tough.

I have two more upcoming releases, and this is my last day to blog at International Heat.

So, do I choose to tell you about Two To Tango, the print anthology, written by myself, Lorelei James & Jayne Rylon, or do I let you in on a top-secret project that I absolutely should not be speaking about?

ARGH! Decisions, decisions.

OK…how about this solution: I post the cover and links to Two To Tango, as well as a link to an excerpt from my novella in the antho, AND post an excerpt from the super secret project I shouldn’t be speaking about?


1) Two To Tango:


This anthology features the novellas A Touch Of Confidence, by me, Ballroom Blitz by Lorelei and Where There’s Smoke, by Jayne. It releases on the 3rd of September, and you can pre-order your copies at Samhain, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also read an excerpt from A Touch of Confidence here.

2) The Super Secret project I shouldn’t be talking about

Okay, so because I can’t speak about it, all I’m gonna do is give you a little unedited excerpt from the project. It comes from a book I wrote called Hunter Valley Hunger. Oh, and I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. I slipped back into old habits, and chose the first kiss scene.



An unedited excerpt


Lily would have stumbled in surprise had her mouth not been plastered to the hottest, most pliable set of lips she’d ever had the pleasure of kissing.

And pleasure was the key word here. Sharp tingles of delight skittered up her back and down again, touching the length of her spine, creating a pool of ecstasy so sublime it reached all the way down to her toes. Blood raced through her veins, sizzling from the heat of Angus’s mouth.

Angus—whose very presence at her home every morning made sleep impossible. How could she hope to get a decent night’s rest when at least every second minute alone in the dark was spent anticipating his early morning arrivals? Then there was the late afternoon torture—or delight, depending how she looked at it—when she got home to find him working shirtless in her garden, muscles rippling as he dug or planted. More than once she’d watched a bead of sweat slip down his spine or chest and been forced to find an icy drink…to cool herself down.

It took a second to find her bearings, to realize that one of the two men she’d fantasized about endlessly now kissed her. And then she lost herself to the moment. Relaxed against his massive chest, opened her lips to his probing tongue and kissed him back, savoring the hints of wine on his breath.

His tongue glided over her own with a demanding, velvety heat, and lust exploded in Lily’s belly.

Angus wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close, molding her body to his. Instinctively she pushed up on her toes, giving herself more height. God, he was enormous. The hours spent reshaping gardens had gifted him with a chest and stomach as hard as a brick wall. And he smelt so good. Like a man should smell. Soapy, clean and earthy.

She pressed her breasts against all that muscle, loving how her nipples tightened and tingled at the contact. In return, Angus twisted his hips, lining his cock against Lily stomach and rocking his hips.

Where those violins playing? Stars swimming before her eyes? Or was the unexpected taste of Angus Lowe enough to make her high as a kite?

Lily curled her hand around his neck and tucked her fingers into his thick brown hair, pulling him a little closer so she could gorge on the cabernet that flavored his mouth. The no-nonsense, audacious character of the wine rolled over her taste buds—deep red, aromatic and complex, just like the landscaper. Rich, fruity notes of cherries and currants melded together with the herby taste of olives, and tangoed with spicy notes of ginger and pepper.

Long, greedy sips told Lily she’d been mistaken. The delectable taste wasn’t wine at all. It was the unique, individual tang of a unique, individual man.

Angus Lowe may typify a salt of the earth kind of a guy. He may look like a magnificent eucalyptus—solid, strong and beautiful, but he tasted better than the finest bottle of red. Years spent maturing in a cask could not improve on his flavor.

Yet even as his kiss muddled her senses, worry clung to the edges of her mind.

Yes, kissing Angus might be the closest to heaven Lily ever got, but something wasn’t right. Something told her to stop.

Not instinct. Uh, no, instinct told her to drag the guy home, lock the bedroom door and spend the rest of the weekend doing very naughty things to him.

No, that something was a vague feeling of…betrayal.

Ah. Of course.

Reality washed over her like cold water.

Loathe to break the kiss, yet left with little alternative, Lily dropped her heels to the ground, a useless attempt to put some distance between them.

Angus didn’t seem to mind. He just leaned in and continued kissing her. Lily didn’t mind either. Not with the glorious strains of those violins playing every time his tongue slid over hers.

Wait. Yes, she did mind. Should mind.


With an anguished sigh, she clasped his cheeks in her hands, stilled his face and pulled her mouth from his. Reluctantly. Oh, so reluctantly…


Okay, so Hunter Valley Heat will be available soon. I just can’t tell you any more than that. Yet. But soon. I promise.




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