Rhythm of My Heart Launch Party Giveaway #4 – Sami Lee

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Cover 200x300

Champion surfer Ty Butler is living the dream—a great career, a globe-trotting lifestyle, and his pick of women. Then a visit to his hometown forces him to face Summer Campbell.

A decade on, she still gives him an adrenaline rush to beat the biggest waves. She’s also as unavailable as ever, or so he thinks. When the truth comes out, Ty decides it’s time to lay old ghosts to rest—and lay Summer flat out in bed.

Ten years ago Summer committed the ultimate sin by falling for her sister’s boyfriend. She rejected Ty’s love out of duty, even marrying another man in an attempt to move on. An attempt that failed. She never forgot Ty—or the havoc loving him wreaked in her life.

Her body wants to finish what they started long ago. Her head tells her she can indulge in a wicked affair with no regrets. But when the pro-surfing tour inevitably calls him away, her heart could crumble like a sandcastle beneath his feet.

Warning: Book contains hot sex with a hot surfer. Might warm your heart and heat up a few other parts, as well. Might even inspire you to chuck it all in and chase the endless summer.
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Guest Post

Ty Butler was such a fun character to write. Roguish, honest, funny and brazen, he is a world champion surfer with a gorgeous Aussie accent to boot. I can totally understand who my heroine Summer could never get him out of her head. But can she reconcile the safe life she’s built with the nomadic existence that Ty lives to finally make them a couple? I hope you take the time to find out

Cheers, Sami
Giveaway Information

I’m giving away a copy of the first book in which Ty Butler appeared. It’s called Moonlight Mirage and it’s set on an idyllic tropical resort that has a way of casting erotic spells on its visitors. For more info about that book, visit here

Just comment below and fill out the rafflecopter below.

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