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This is Book 2 in the Love and Music in Texas series. Baby Stetson kicks off the series.

Welcome back to Harmony’s Echo, Texas…..

Melody Roland is on the run from the one person she trusted completely. One who hid a dark past she could never have imagined. When a pregnant woman on the bus she’s fleeing on goes into labor, Melody rushes to her aide. Now she finds herself stranded in a tiny remote town just off the highway, with no way to her original destination.

She’s alone, on edge, and unsure who to trust. Her instincts scream to get far away and fast. But how and where?

Jameson Grant struggles through the roughest year of his life. Suffering from the loss of his father, one grief stricken night, he made a mistake. One which cost him the only woman he’s ever loved. Each lonely day he’s faced with the constant reminders of how quick things can change. Throwing himself into the one thing he has left, his music, helps dull the pain he fights to keep hidden. His last salvation begins to crumble as things spiral out of control and he has no choice but to face the ‘music’ of his past.

The last thing he needs or wants in his life is a woman with more trouble on her heels than the best of country music lyrics. But Melody sings a sirens call within him that can’t be ignored.

Jameson and Melody bond in ways stronger than either could have imagined, but one dangerous person from her past may threaten it all…

If she doesn’t flee before he can convince her to stay, and that some love songs last an eternity.


Jameson set the bag on the table and followed the sound. Not only was she playing the guitar, but she was singing, too. She sat on the stool in the middle of the garage, wearing a white half sleeved shirt that showed enough skin to drive him crazy. She had her legs crossed and her hands gracefully strummed the strings.

She was beautiful. She seemed at ease, her eyelids half shut as she played her heart out with
the song. Jameson made sure to stay out of sight. She hadn’t caught on that he was there yet, and if he made her aware of his presence, she might stop. He wanted to hear more. Good God, her hands on his guitar, he wanted those hands back on him.

She finished the song. Jameson had to catch his breath before popping in, clapping and grinning. She practically jumped from the stool and she put that guitar down quick. “That was beautiful. I didn’t realize you played!”

“Oh! Jameson, you startled me. I’m sorry, I had no idea you were home already. I couldn’t help but pick up the guitar..I just, I felt compelled.” She was blabbering and apologizing for nothing. Jameson crossed the room, closing the distance between them and gathered her in his arms.

“Melody, why would you apologize? You keep doing that, and I can’t understand why.” Jameson kissed her forehead, then threaded his fingers through her hair. She looked up at him with wide eyes. “I’m not mad at you, angel. I loved what you were playing.” He dipped his head and took her lips again, nibbling on the bottom one. When he pulled away, he smiled. “ Not to mention how hot it was to watch your hands move on my guitar. It made me think of a not to distant morning when your hands were doing something else.”

That got her to laugh as she leaned against him. “You crack me up, you know. Thank you for the beautiful flowers and the card.”

“You’re welcome. I just wanted to let you know how much I was thinking about you. I can’t stop. You’re in my head. I’ve got Melody in my head. Hey, that’s a good song title.

The Melody in My Head.”

She blushed and ducked away, but Jameson pulled her closer to him. “I love it when you blush. It’s sexy.”
“You are determined to get me all flustered, aren’t you?” She questioned with a smile.

Jameson shrugged, playing coy. “It’s working quite well, I’d say. My master plan to woo and seduce you is playing out just fine.”

She raised a brow at him. “Oh, is that what it’s all about?” Melody backed out of his arms and wagged a finger at him. “I should have known. You want me for my skills. I think I’ll be taking them and going now…” She slowly backed away, watching him with a mischievous grin as her eyes lit up.

Jameson caught her at the door, pinning her to the wall. “ You didn’t get very far, did you?” He lowered his head, ready to devour her again. He teased her neck with kisses until she moaned. “Looks like I won this round.”

“You’re evil.”

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Guest Post

I thought, since I’m writing a series based on musicians and singers, I’d share with you all who I picture…or “hear” when I think of my character’s singing voices.

Avery Callimer:
Avery is the lead singer of the Baby Stetson band. When I think of her singing, I hear a powerful voice, one that can really belt out a tune…so I think of Martina McBride. Martina has the kind of voice that just makes me stop and listen. She can hit some amazing notes and I get goosebumps hearing her.

But not only do I think of Martina, I also think of a mix. Avery has the powerful voice like Martina, but she also has a southern twang like Jennifer Nettles (from Sugarland)

Jameson Grant:

I don’t keep it a secret that when I picture lead guitarist and singer, Jameson on guitar, I think of Keith Urban..:) but we’re talking about Jameson’s singing voice, and for that, I hear Billy Currington. He has this sexy voice that just rolls over my skin in waves of goosebumps.

Melody Roland:

Melody has always been a closet singer. It isn’t until she lands in Harmony’s Echo and sings with Jameson that she starts to come out of her shell. When I think of Melody singing, well she’s a bit of a toss up. I think of the woman that plays Scarlett on Nashville. A pretty voice, unexpected, but has a unique sound. But I also hear a little bit of newcomer Sarah Darling.

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Nikki will give away one ecopy of Baby Stetson, Love and Music in Texas Book One to one random commenter. Just fill out the rafflecopter and comment below to enter.

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16 thoughts on “Rhythm of My Heart Launch Party Giveaway #7 – Nikki Lynn Barrett

  1. Am adding this to my list along with all the others you have recommend,I have never been disappointed by your books so I doubt I will by anything you recommend 🙂

  2. I haven’t read any of these books yet. I’ll have to change that. Love the voices you hear for the characters. They are some of my faves

    • There are some great singers in there! I’m very big into music, a singer myself so I love to create a tie in with two of my favorite pass times- music and books!

    • Hi Jess! *Waves* Sorry for coming by so late. Sick kid with cough all night so…I took a nap when he did today! lol. Congratulations on your release as well! I plan on picking this up come payday! I wish you tons of success and many sales 🙂

  3. Sad to say I haven’t read any of Nikki’s books, but I’m happy that I found you and will be looking up your stories.:)

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