Down and Dirty releases in less than two weeks



The Down Under Divas are bringing you what the Down Under Divas do best…hot Aussie men being bad, and sexy, and romantic and dominating and lust-worthy.

Available June 27, the Down and Dirty box set is four brand new, never-before published m/f/m novellas, just perfect for your reading pleasure. But be warned…when the Down Under Divas decide to turn up the Aussie heat, you are really going to burn…

The Down and Dirty box set will be available for pre-order any second now, but if you can’t wait, let us tease you with the blurbs and these four excerpts from each of us…


Pleasure intensified. Desire multiplied.

Pass the Parcel by Rhian Cahill
For one night Kitty will be everything Ethan and Finn want. But living out her wildest fantasies was never meant to be this good. And when the sun comes up she’ll discover she’s given them more than her body. She’d given them her heart.

Compliance by Lexxie Couper
Bethany’s got a thing for two hot guys: a nerd and a jock. She’s also got a fantasy that will be mutually pleasurable for them all. She isn’t expecting complete and utter sexual domination though…nor losing her heart to one of them.

Party Of Three by Jess Dee
Spencer Allen’s quest for true love just hit a brick wall—his best mate, Levi Barret. Their mutual lust for the same woman, Chelsea Holden, could spell the end of their friendship…or the beginning of a whole new relationship.

Burning Up by Sami Lee
Pam Spencer is sick of looking for love in all the wrong places. Sure, she wants a solid relationship, but if steamy casual sex is on offer, who is she to turn it down? Especially when the offer comes from not one, but two smokin’ hot firefighters.

Excerpt – Party of Three by Jess Dee

Her eyes smoldered, her lids lowered to half-mast and breath puffed from her mouth. Then she took his lips with hers and proceeded to blow his world clean away with her kiss.

Last night, Levi had told Spencer he really liked Chelsea. This morning, those words made a mockery of his true feelings. He didn’t just like the woman. He was already halfway in love with her.

And God knew, Levi had not loved a woman in a long time.

He nudged her thighs apart, making space for himself between her legs. Then he bent his knees slightly and repositioned his hips, sighing in relief as his cock came to rest in the V of her thighs.

The urge to thrust against her almost did his head in, and repressing that urge about killed him, but outside, in the open like this, he had no choice. If he gave in to his impulses, he’d be arrested for public indecency.

It was Chelsea who broke the kiss this time round. “If we weren’t standing in the middle of Centennial Park,” she whispered in his ear, “I’d insist you fuck me. Hard and fast and right here against the paperbark tree.”

“Chels.” He squeezed his eyes shut. “You’re killing me.”

“You started it.”

With his eyes closed, her scent was even more alluring. Sweet and spicy and totally addictive. He couldn’t help it, couldn’t stop the urge to grind against her—and was immediately rewarded by her muffled whimper and barely repressed shudder.

“Never would have needed to start this here if you’d agreed to marry me.”

“Can’t marry you, Levi.” She trailed her lips up to his ear and nibbled on his lobe—which instantly turned into an erogenous zone.

He tilted his head to the side to give her easier access. He moved his hands up her waist and rested his thumbs on her ribs. All he need do was brush them upwards and he’d caress the curves of those stunning breasts. “Give me a reason. One good reason and I’ll stop asking.”

A slow release of her breath tortured the side of his neck as she freed his ear and pulled back. Her shoulders seemed to sag against his chest.

Levi opened his eyes to find himself staring into hers. While he could still clearly see his desire reflected in those green pools, he saw something else too. Something he wasn’t altogether sure he liked.

She blinked several times but didn’t lower her gaze. “I don’t think you’re going to be happy with my reason.”

“If it keeps us apart, you’re probably right.”

“I want you to take me, Levi. I’ve wanted it a long time.” She licked her lips, and Levi found it almost impossible not to claim her tongue again. “For you to finally, finally fuck me.”

He muttered something unintelligible—mostly because intelligible speech failed him at that point.


Shit, he hated that word. “But?”

“But you’re not the only one I’ve wanted for a long time.”


Excerpt — Burning Up by Sami Lee

Pam had no idea what was going on. She liked Rob—had had more than one fantasy about being carried to bed in his strong arms. But they were just fantasies, ones she indulged in because she knew nothing would ever happen between her and the tall, godly blond. He was seven years younger than her for a start, and so good looking he could have anyone. What would he want with an ordinary-looking English teacher with a flat chest and too many freckles?

As for Steve…she detested Steve. Although her interactions with Rob up until now had been no more than friendly, Pam could understand suddenly finding herself in physical turmoil over him. But Steve? No way was she going there.

So it had to be Rob. Rob was turning her on. Yet…hooking her arm through Rob’s had been funny. It wasn’t until she’d found herself flanked by him and Steve that her hormones had run riot.

Oh dear, Lord. Did she want them both?

She let out a wry sound, something between a groan and a laugh. “Now I get it.”

“Get what?” Rob asked.

“How Erica feels. A girl could easily get used to this.” At their blank looks, she elaborated. “You know, two men. Double trouble. A bit of sandwich action.”

She’d meant it as a joke, a little humor to ease the tension. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she regretted them. It was an inadvertent admission that she was aroused, and when she saw a look pass between the two men, she knew they’d interpreted it clearly.

“I’m just saying. Not that I want that, but I can see why someone might go that way. That’s all.” Pam laughed, and it sounded awkward in the stillness of approaching evening. “I’m not making a pass, guys. Seriously.”

She was babbling. She was a giggling, babbling breathless mess and the guys still hadn’t said anything. They continued to escort her, continued to wind heat all around her as they walked. And she saw that look pass between them again, as if they were asking each other a question through telepathy.

When she glimpsed Erica’s place up ahead, she jumped at the chance to extricate herself from the embarrassing situation. “Look, we’re here.” She pulled her hands away from each man and increased her pace, putting distance between her and them. “I’m going to find Erica and ask if she needs a hand in the kitchen. See you in there.”

Damned if her voice didn’t rise three octaves on that last word.

Where was a great gaping hole in the ground when you wanted one to swallow you whole?


Excerpt – Compliance by Lexxie Couper

“Fuck, Logan.” Curtis’s low mutter dragged Logan’s gaze from her back and her swaying hips. “I don’t know if I can…” His best mate trailed off, a twisted grimace on his face.

Logan frowned. “If you can what?”

Curtis let out a ragged sigh, turning to stare at the view beyond the railing again. Logan didn’t miss the muscles bunching in Curtis’s jaw. Nor the rapid movement of his Adam’s apple.

“Nothing,” he muttered with a shake of his head. “Nothing.”

He watched the yachts sailing over the water’s surface for a long moment, his body tense. Logan knew him well enough to recognize when he was dealing with internal turmoil, and right now, Curtis was neck high in it.

Neck high and struggling.

Logan hadn’t seen him this way since their high school principal had suspended him for a week two days before the high school national cricket finals.

The memory of that event and of the reason Curtis had been suspended rolled over Logan like a heavy blanket, bringing with it a sense of love and guilt so powerful it hurt.

Letting out a slow breath, Logan rested his elbows on the railing to mimic his friend’s stance. “I’ll make you a deal,” he said, a slight waver in his voice. Was he seriously about to suggest what he thought he was? Was he truly that brave? Or foolish?

Curtis cocked an eyebrow at him. “What’s that?”

Logan’s heart became an insane sledgehammer. Thank God, he wasn’t one of those nerds who reached for an inhaler whenever he was under stress and out of his league. As it was, he had to ball his hands into fists to stop himself shoving his glasses farther up his nose. “I’m going to walk back into the kitchen and ask Bethany on a date. Just me and her. When she says no, and she will, you have to walk in there and sweep her off her feet. Deal?”

Curtis stared at him. Silent.

“That way,” Logan went on, chest tight, gut a twisting knot, fingers inching to adjust his glasses, “you can go after the woman you want and I can stop feeling guilty about you not going after her.”

His friend’s jaw bunched. Again.

Surprised at his own masochistic mental state, Logan laughed. “I’m not stupid, Curtis. And I’ve got eyes. The chemistry between you two is phenomenal. I may ache to be with her—and I do—but you two were born to be together. It makes sense. So don’t argue with me.”

Curtis opened his mouth. Closed it. Opened it again.

“Dinner is served.”

At Bethany’s low murmur laced with mirth and delight, Logan jumped. As did Curtis. It was the second time that evening she’d startled them in such a way.

And as before, they both swung to face her. Unlike their time at the Cricketer’s Cup however, Logan couldn’t find a single word to say.

Not when his gaze fell on Bethany standing but a few feet away.

Completely and utterly naked.

Except for the blood-red stilettos on her feet.

She looked at them both, her eyes glinting with open delight. “So,” she said, smoothing her palms down over her hips. “Who’s hungry?”


Excerpt – Pass the Parcel by Rhian Cahill

Kitty took a deep breath and held it.

I can do this.

Breathing out through her nose in a steady stream, she tried to calm her rioting nerves.

I have to do this.

Lord, if she chickened out now she’d never forgive herself. But the urge to leave was swallowing her whole.

No dammit!

For once—just once—she wanted to be the bold, sexy, confident, go-after-what-she-wants woman she’d dreamed of being.

I will do this.

Kitty raised her chin and stared at the house across the street. Lights ablaze and music pouring from inside like water through a sieve, the place oozed party. For some reason—whether inspired by the driving beat thumping the walls and vibrating the very air she breathed or the scantily clad individuals spilling from inside and milling about on the lawn—Kitty felt a sexual pull like no other.

Lowering her gaze, she drew in another big breath and let it go in a rush.

Who was she kidding? Her arousal had nothing to do with the pounding music or the barely clothed people across the street. Two words explained her current state of electrified awareness.

Two names that wrenched her slumberous libido from its dormant status into the bright lights of need and want. God. She’d spent weeks, months—years—admiring them from afar. In her fantasies, she was one of the women they regularly took to bed. Together. A shiver rolled over her. Kitty might not be an inexperienced virgin, but she’d never ventured far into the carnal territory Ethan and Finn liked to play in.

She hadn’t had the nerve.

Still didn’t.

But she was going to pretend.

For one night, Kelly Owens—aka Kitty—would be the woman that men wanted.


Less than two weeks, folks…



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